Curriculum Vitae

Born in Honduras, Central America
1996 Medical Doctor Degree (M.D), Louisiana State University, USA
2000 Specialization in Neurology, Tulane University, USA
2001 Specialization in Chronic Headache and Migraine, Tulane University, USA
2005 Certification for acupuncture, Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur, Germany
2006 China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center, TCM and acupuncture, China
2015 Certification for Hypnosis, Institut für Klinische Hypnose, Germany
2010 General Medical Doctor, Germany
2016 Medical Psychotherapist, Germany


Improvement in the level of psychosocial functioning in chronic pain patients with the use of risperidone; Pain Medicine June 2002.


In order to offer the most optimaI therapeutical outcome, I am pleased to offer consultation in 3 different languages: