Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
Therapeutic approach

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy focuses on challenging distorted cognitions which are the cause of emotional suffering and dysfunctional behavior. Its approach is direct and goal oriented, allowing the patient to take an active role in his/her therapeutic process, consequently enhancing effectiveness towards achieving life goals. Therapeutic processes allow a deeper understanding of the personal inner dynamic at play, in a protected professional environment providing the tools to deal with emotional distress, identify dysfunctional coping mechanisms and providing new strategies to eradicate the problem at its root cause.

Implemented techniques are carefully selected based on the established diagnosis and tailored to the individual needs of my patients based on cultural background and interactional preferences. Techniques which form the basis of my therapeutic approach include classic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Ellis and Beck), Stress Inoculation Training (Meichenbaum), Schema therapy (Young), Metacognitive Therapy (Wells), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Linehan), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy IRRT (Prof.Dr. Schmucker) and Medical Hypnotherapy.

My professional aspiration is to provide the optimal foundation for an authentic inner transformation. It is the greatest reward to see it unfolding itself before our eyes.